BUSINESS 03 新たな付加価値創出を可能

  • MiROHA telemedicine

    Telemedicine which utilizes the vast information that has been cultivated through actual clinical experiences, will replace the conventional face-to-face medical treatment in clinical trials. It will also enable to reduce the burden of hospital visits and accelerate case registration.

  • MiROHA オンライン診療


  • MiROHA eConsent


  • MiROHA eConsent

    MiROHA eConsent enables patients to participate in a clinical trial remotely. It is a key to realize a process of decentralized patient enrollment with introductory short video, online consultation with a clinical research coordinator and consent with e-signature.

  • MiROHA eSource

    By digitizing clinical trial data in a way that is closely aligned with the day-to-day operations of medical institutions and sponsors, we will not only improve data quality, but also promote the reduction of clinical trial operations and development costs.

  • MiROHA eSource


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